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Web Browser is something that certainly is not foreign to the ear all the friends. When we surf the Internet world surely we should use it as a medium of interaction [read: interface]. However, of the many Web browsers currently available, only some of which include both in terms of appearance and performance.

This time I intend to test from each web browser. Especially about the latest Web browser today is Opera v10.50 [used nearly 0.2% of people in the world] who carried the motto "The world's fastest browser for Windows". And also "The fastest browser on Earth", curious is not it?

Let us prove the truth to try and compare them with other Web browsers and is also renowned fast enough. Here, I use 3 Web Browser softwares that are Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 5.0.342.3 Beta, dan tentunya Opera v10.50.

The devices :
- Fujitsu Lifebook S2110
- Windows XP SP3 Operating System
- Smart Modem with service Reguler Package
Tahapan :
1. I opened the pages of Indowebster Search that is quite heavy.
2. I opened the pages.
3. Then I closed [in other words: This page is stored]
4. I go back.
5. Just then I count the processing time.

-- Mozilla Firefox 3.6 about 13 seconds.
-- Google Chrome 5.0.342.3 Beta about 10 seconds.
-- Opera 10.50 about 11 seconds.

From the data, it can be said that Opera did not invent their slogans about stretcher when seen from this performance. I was quite shocked when I first used it and open the other pages that also do not lose weight. However, Opera repeatedly proved itself as one of the fastest. It seems that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome should be cautious with one quick step of their rival.

Satisfied? Surely not. It must be because I'm also not told how much memory is used and the speed of startup of each of these Web Browser. Immediately, I gave the information.

-- Mozilla Firefox 3.6 about 80,424 Kb
-- Google Chrome 5.0.342.3 Beta about 27,052 Kb
-- Opera 10.50 about 31,336 Kb

-- Mozilla Firefox 3.6 about 5 seconds.
-- Google Chrome 5.0.342.3 Beta about 2 seconds.
-- Opera 10.50 about 3 seconds.

Note :
- All Web browsers are treated exactly the same.
- The device and environmental conditions affect the Internet connection itself.
- I am sure, you can conclude wiser than me and choosing the best web browser for you as needed.

Hopefully useful !!!

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