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Online is fun, especially if all are free. By using Wi-Fi network, we are able to access the internet for free. However, sometimes we are upset because for the wireless network into the required key [read: password]. This often happens when we are in a Wi-Fi networks in places that specialized in providing these services. As in the beauty salon, restaurant / cafe, and much more. However, they only provide limited access rights to the Customer only.

And if we're still within range of the signal, of course there is also a desire to enjoy without having to become customer service. For that, I will be giving away the software to be able to handle it. Software that is designed to be able to recognize the key codes that apply to Wi-Fi (wireless network). And now, only with a Laptop / Notebook / Netbook you can enjoy the Internet service for FREE!

Check this out, please .. ! wink

- Download Here -

Hopefully useful !!!

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