NOKIA 5630 Xpress Music

Not long ago I just bought a Nokia 5630 XM, precisely dated January 24, 2010. Here, I only intend to share knowledge about disadvantages and advantages of this sophisticated mobile phone. Who knows you intend to buy it too. ^ _ ^

First, after going through several stores and the bargaining process, I finally bought it for Rp. 1,980,000; -

All completeness equal to that mentioned by Nokia.. ** Includes 4GB of external memory mikroSD

In terms of price, for phones that could almost say SmartPhone is quite affordable.

All the sophisticated facilities already embedded into it. Start of Wi-Fi, Ovi Share, and 10.2 Mbps HSDPA and HSUPA 2.0 Mbps.

One of my favorite is, "Say and Play". By simply mentioning the name of the singer or title or album can be played immediately, cool! hehe

In terms of design and appearance is good enough and there is little impression of elegance. 3.15 megapixel camera equipped with power and VGA (for video calls) all seemed more than enough to capture important moment2 well.

The main camera is Full Focus. So, if the picture is about to be photographed moving images generated so little blurry / fuzzy. However for still images, all objects that are drawn will be very sharp in every detail.

Weakness that I found that when shooting a video with the main camera, images captured with fast movement will nge-lack or disjointed images (quite disappointing I think ..).

However, after I upgrade the firmware of all problems can be overcome with good.

Well, his name is also there must XpressMusic advantages compared to other HP in terms of musicality. With the special navigation buttons at top left, can go straight into his music menu with a single tap. Although the sound produced is not spelled out loud, but it did not sound broken when the volume is set at maximum height.


IMEI listed on my XM 35935002xxx 5630. And apparently, if note-7 digit number and the 8's "02". This indicates that the Made in Asia (China, Korea, Japan, etc.). Once I take off the battery is printed the words "Made in China" and not "Made in Nokia". You must ask, "whether that means a fake?". Well, I was also wondering.

I also rushed to the Nokia Care Center to be sure. And there explained that, since the mid to end of 2009 almost all products from entering Indonesia had been made in Asia and the Original if any official warranty card from Nokia. ** Well, I know .. so calm after hehehe

Among the information that I can share with you, hopefully what my experience can be useful to you all. If anyone wants to write in the column can be submitted comments below or in the Shout Box Mix and also through e-mail me.

Hopefully useful !!!

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